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Rockhold’s One-handed Guillotine! (Gracie Breakdown feat. CM Punk)


Rockhold’s One-handed Guillotine! (Gracie Breakdown feat. CM Punk)

With the help of their good friend and dedicated student, CM Punk, Ryron and Rener analyze the One-handed Guillotine choke that Luke Rockhold used to submit Michael Bisping on Friday night, November 7th. They share their thoughts on why the choke was so tight, why Bisping reacted the way he did, and what you can do if you ever find yourself in the same unfortunate spot! They reveal the last Gracie Giveaway winner, and they tell you how to win two third-row VIP tickets to Metamoris 5: Renzo vs. Sakuraba going down on November 22 in Long Beach, CA!

To enter to win 2 FREE Metamoris 5 tickets, go to and leave your comment with a prediction: Renzo or Sakuraba and how?

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